Want to match social media accounts, pages, or domain names to their handles on other social media platforms?

BirdSong Data can help you.

Get started

Step one: Provide a list of social media accounts, pages or website URLs that you would like matched to their handles on other social media platforms

Step two: Contact our customer team for a quote for matching this list to the dataset available on the BirdSong database.

Step three: Place an order with our customer team and on payment, we will email you a csv file, per list

There is no limit to the number or size of datasets that you can access.

What is included in our datasets?

Our datasets draw information from the BirdSong database which only includes publicly available social media data. Each user record is normalised allowing you to cross reference data from different social networks with ease.

The number of data fields available per individual account or handle will vary but may include any or all of the following:

The following fields can be used to match to social media accounts

  • Website Domain Exists

  • Profile ID

  • Username

  • LinkedIn Username

  • Google+ Page ID

  • Google+ Vanity URL

  • YouTube Channel ID

  • YouTube Vanity URL

Match users to social media accounts

What can you do with BirdSong Matched Datasets?

Here are just some of the things you can do with your BirdSong Matched Datasets, subject to the data being publically available:

  1. Find out if your Instagram followers also follow you on other social platforms, or vice versa. Use this data to encourage your audience to follow you across both platforms.

  2. Match company names or URLs to their corresponding social media accounts/pages and create cross platform target audiences for your B2B social media marketing.

  3. Find out more about who follows your competitors across the main social media platforms and use this data to create new audiences for your social media marketing.

  4. Match known influencers on Facebook or Instagram to their social media accounts/pages on other platforms so that you can follow or engage with them.

Built to be developer friendly, with a Social Media Data API.

Our API has been built to allow developers to quickly lookup social media account data, on demand. Results are provided as JSON. The Match endpoint allows you to build a complete social profile of a user from a single point of reference, such as a username or a website URL.