Want to identify influencers or create custom target audiences for your social media marketing?

BirdSong Data can help you.

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Step one: Use the biography search tool to identify how many biographies in our social media profile database match your target term(s). You can use one or more words per search. E.g. Fashion blogger, Housewife, Vice President, to create each dataset.

Step two: Contact our customer team for a quote for the social media datasets that you want.

Step three: Place an order with our customer team and we will email you a csv file, per dataset

There is no limit to the number or size of datasets that you can access.

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What is included in our datasets?

Our datasets draw information from our database which only includes publicly available social media data. Each user record is normalised allowing you to cross reference data from different social networks with ease.

The number of fields available per individual user will depend on the information provided by that user in their biography but may include any or all of the following:

The following fields are included in our database

  • Real Name

    The name provided by the user

  • Screen Name

    The user's screen name on the network

  • Social Network

    The Social Network this record relates to

  • Total Followers

    Total Followers on this network

  • Total Following

    Total Following on this network

  • Total Posts

    User's total posts made on this network

  • Total Likes

    Total likes by the user if available

  • Location

    User location if they have provided it

  • Language

    The user's assumed language

  • Profile Photo

    URL of the user's profile photo

  • Description

    The user's biography on the network

  • Website URL

    The user's website URL if provided

  • Gender

    Estimated gender of the user

  • Date Created

    Date the user joined the network

Social Media Profiles database

What can you do with BirdSong Data Identify data sets?

  1. Identify influencers

    Use our biography search tool to find out how many matches there are for the type of influencer you want e.g. Music blogger, Travel blogger.

    Contact our customer team to get a quote for accessing the influencers you need.

  2. Create customised target audiences for your social media marketing

    Use our biography search tool to identify the number of matches on as many target terms as you like. Contact our customer team with the list of words that you want to use to define your target audience and they will provide a quote for accessing the matching social media profiles. We can even de-duplicate the final list for you, on request.

Can we help you with social media data?

Our support team can work with you to answer a specific social media data question or to create customised datasets from our database. They can run reports, de-dupe, cross match, rank and sort data for you, depending on what you need.

We work with clients (large and small) from a wide range of sectors across the globe.  Every project is different and our quotes include costs and timescales.