What is BirdSong Data?
BirdSong Data powers a suite of social media marketing tools, using a unique database of more than half a billion social media profiles from users around the world.

Our Identify, Match and Track products can currently be accessed by contacting our customer team. An API will also be available shortly.

In addition, we also use the data to carry out bespoke research and analysis for clients including universities, brands, charities and publishers

Where does the data come from?
All the data is gathered from publicly available sources, then enhanced through our proprietary technology which normalises and matches accounts to enable cross platform analysis.

How often is the data updated?
The data is continually updated in real time and the number of profiles & matches available is increasing every day.

Who can access the data?
The data is available to anyone subject to acceptance of our standard contractual terms and conditions.

Is there a minimum order for single transaction?
Yes, our minimum order value is $500 USD.

When will the API be available and how will this be priced?
We will be launching our API shortly and this will initially offer two different Endpoints to subscribers. Monthly subscriptions will be based on different tiers of monthly usage.

To sign up for more information please get in touch.

What other social media marketing products does Digital Tomorrow Today Ltd offer?
We offer:

BirdSong Analytics: Social Media Analytics Reports and Data Exports
Tweetchup: Twitter Account Tracking Tool
BlueJaySEO: SEO Audit Tool